• Thank you Trout On The Fly for making our fishing trip one of the most memorable trips ever! 

    Our guide Nathan Anderson was knowledgeable about the area, rivers, and fish. My 81-year-old father couldn't wade the river, Nathan had no issue jumping into the river, to position and hold the boat, so my father can fish hard to reach areas.  He also looked out for my father's safety the whole trip, being patient with an older client. 

    I was impressed with how hard Nathan worked for us while offering continued encouragement and instruction. The river was a bit murky in the spot we planned to launch, Nathan wasn't satisfied and drove further up the Madison to launch in clear water, this type of service only comes through pride in one's job. 

    We will definitely book again with Trout On The Fly for our next fishing excursion. 

    Sincerely, Mike Orloff.“
    Mike Orloff,
    CA Anglers
  • “Our half-day float was a great trip.  Guide Mike Horner was awesome!  Both Collin (Traci's son) and I really gained a lot of knowledge from Mike and had a wonderful time enjoying the fishing and scenery. Mike was a true professional.  We were both really new to fly fishing and needed a lot of extra hand-holding, from time to time.  Mike was there the entire time; helping us get our gear in order, putting together all of the lines, steering the boat, showing us what to do and when, giving us food/water, etc... We really had him working that day!  He was also a really nice and patient guy who knew a ton about fly fishing and the surrounding area.  I enjoyed his information about the area as much as I did the fishing.  We were lucky to have him that day. We really had a blast.  I think everything was executed perfectly and I don't think I would have changed anything else.... well, maybe I would have caught a few more fish... but that isn't on you!  :) Thanks! Chris Lundeberg“
    Chris & Collin,
    Midwest Anglers
  • “Greetings Nate, We had a fabulous time on the Madison River.  Weather was great, scenery was great, fishing was great and Garrett was great as well.  I’ve fished probably over 200 guided or chartered trips in many states and several countries, and would have no problem giving your service and Garrett as a guide 4 out of 4 stars.  If we’re ever in that neighborhood again, we will be back in touch. We thank you again, Graham Cole“
    Graham Cole,
    North Carolina Anglers
  • “I really enjoyed the trip. Matt Hoff was a great guide with diverse experience. I learned a lot and improved tremendously in my knowledge and skill. I really appreciate his commitment to making our trip a uniquely special experience. Paul U. - TX Angler“
    Paul Urane,
    TX Angler
  • “Tony met us at the rental shop and drove us to the area where we were going to fish. He made sure we had all the equipment we needed and even had provided most of it for us. AJ has experience with fly fishing but I do not. I felt very well guided and AJ learned some new things as well. Tony was patient and had a great laid back style that worked well with us. Tony was confident with his fly fishing knowledge and was very professional teaching me the basic skills. He also made safety a priority, which we appreciated. He had a great personality and both AJ and I had a great time! We would definitely fish with Tony and Trout on The Fly if we are ever in Montana again! And we would recommend you guys to anyone visiting Montana.“
    AJ & Julie,
    MI & WA Anglers
  • “Hi Nate!  We had a great time fishing with Mike Horner...he has a lot of patience.  I had tons of nibbles but couldn’t quite snag a big one.  At the end we caught a couple little rainbow trout so that was just fine with us.  Great experience, great guide.  Thank you so much for fitting us in and ending our trip on a high note! Rose Wabol“
    Rose Wabol,
    Illinois Anglers
  • “Our guides were fantastic. Very knowledgeable, eager to teach, and worked hard to give us a memorable experience. Matt was upbeat, shared incredible stories, and made sure we enjoyed our time on an incredible trip. Mark B. - CA Angler  “
    Mark Beliakoff,
    CA Angler