• If you want a great Father-Son activity Trout on the Fly is the place! Madison River is owned by Nate and Garrett.
    Mike Olson,
    Return guest
  • “I wanted to take a minute and thank you for your work with us and your patience with both of us. I've experienced many fishing guides in my years fishing and you have set the bar, without question, at the highest possible level. You worked extraordinarily hard to get us on the fish and kept up constant encouragement and help which resulted in us getting fish. I fear your efforts have spoiled me for anyone else I will encounter in my fishing adventures going forward. I can't tell you how pleased we both were with your time with us. Thanks for a great trip.“
    California angler
  • Nate is the gold standard for fly-fishing guides and outfitters. As a 15 year client, I've benefited from his exceptional skills, stream knowledge and judgment on seven major Montana rivers, 2-3 times/year from my home in the East, and there's always a new stream or section to experience. I've never had a bad outing: whether walk-wade, float, or jet boat on the Missouri - all memorable, fresh, and productive, and in every weather condition. Nate is that rare person whose interpersonal skills complement his knowledge of the sport, to the benefit of the client. Safety is always paramount, and he is indefatigable. Nate is simply the best, and time after time he's provided me with an unforgettable Montana fly-fishing experience.
    Tom Eubanks,
    Longtime client and friend
  • “Hey Nate!! Booking with Trout on the Fly was one of the easiest processes, and Nate was super responsive with my questions and setting up the trip. Absolutely everything is taken care of by the team, and I'm fully confident you could walk out of the airport and straight onto a fly trip if you needed to. They provided everything you could need, which was reassuring just in case our fly gear didn't make it on the plane. We booked a full-day trip, which I'd recommend for those with fly fishing experience! Sam was a great guide with great taste in music. He communicated well and was on time with pickup and drop-off! He was super knowledgeable about the flys to use and which fish were going to be around. Since we booked for later in the season, there were a few changes to which fish were around, and he was able to adjust our trip route based on what was going on! Thank you so much again for a great trip!!! Sarah“
    Sarah & Frank ,
    GA Angler
  • “Dear Nate, To say our time fishing with you and Oliver was great would be an understatement. You put us on some beautiful fish and took the time we needed to set, hook up and enjoy our day on the water with you. Oliver was an awesome guide through Yellowstone National Park and his vast knowledge of the area and water was invaluable in knowing where to catch and how to land those fish. We wanted to thank you again for such a great time! It is one we talk about all the time and hope to experience again. Regards, Bill & Ann Ransford“
    Bill & Ann Ransfordd,
    PA Anglers
  • “Our fishing trip with Trout On The Fly more than met our expectations!  All guides were professional, supportive cheerleaders, and skilled instructors. We appreciated the timeliness of pick up, the lunches, and your gentle guidance in fishing as well as getting in and out of the boat! Our guides, Nate, Aaron, and Doug were so very patient-even when I had my line tangled or wrapped around my boots!  We appreciated the careful balance between direct instruction, processing time, and the learning curve.  We gained new knowledge, and by the third day, I felt like I was finally able to begin applying what I was learning.  I wish I could return sooner than a year from now! We so enjoyed The Noble Bison and every detail of comfort provided.  We especially appreciated coming  “home”  to a fireplace, hot shower, and cozy space after that cold, rainy Friday of fishing.  The decor and artwork contributed to a warm, inviting experience. Nate and Trout On The Fly provided the perfect fishing experience.  Your organization and attention to detail clearly contributed to our most successful adventure. Thank you so much for all you do, Gary and Judy“
    Gary & Judy Billings,
    California Anglers
  • “Excellent Outfitter! Took great care of us for three days on the river. As a first time fly fisher he was the perfect guide to have: knowledgeable, patient, taught us to fish, to read the water, and to not just sit there with our teeth in our mouth! The lodging/cabin combo package was an excellent deal through Driftwaters Resort. Won't hesitate to come back and would highly recommend him as a guide and teacher.“
    John Young,
    Colorado Angler
  • “Nate and his guides are knowledgeable and unfailingly professional, prompt and polite. I look forward to fishing with Trout on the Fly again!“
    Jerry Percy,
  • “First a little back info - I guided my first customer in 1974 and for 20 years guided fresh water and on the White River in Arkansas before any fly fishermen set foot on the river.  I have been fortunate enough to be friends with, and have fished with guides, both great and real rear ends, from the Great Barrier Reef, Colorado, Oregon, Belize, etc so I am well versed in what a good guide should be.  I have towed the boat and fished from Key West to Canada, and fished on really busy waters and interacted with guides from one end to the other in this country. Been there done that so that said here are my thoughts. Over the years I have found the occasional guides to be great, others to be particularly self important and full of themselves, especially in the fly fishing world. (That attitude seems to be present in many fly shops I have stopped in as a compulsive tackle shop junkie.)  Several have an attitude that is well beyond their place in this world, in other words freakin' jerks who have somehow decided that their rights and place on the water take precedent over the common dude just trying to catch a fish.  That attitude disturbs me, guides do not own the water and have a duty to rise above that attitude.  So here we go with Nathan Anderson. My expectations were exceeded, I would give him and the experience an A+ and both my wife and I had a great time. Nathan was beyond all of that nonsense.  Not only did he go above and beyond trying to help the wife get a fish or two, he got that done, but his attitude to others on the river was what a real guide should be. My wife appreciated how he made her feel safe on the water, fishing with me she has certain expectations and he met them.  Being a Saturday it was busy as it is everywhere on the water.   His ramp behavior was great. When a couple of guide boats on our trip cut us off and just acted like they somehow own the river  (See above) he was the bigger man.  We let folks go past us, he did not get stupid when regular folks did the stuff they do because they do not understand "the RIGHT way to fish".  He was a true professional and is the kind of guide that is a credit to the profession.  He was the antithesis of the I am a big shot guide and my rights on the water somehow take precedent over the rest of the world. How could you improve?  (Since I know nothing about your business not sure what to say but here goes.)  Make dam sure that anyone who you use through your service fishes and guides like Nathan.  That your guides treat others on the water as Nathan did.  That others understand that with the pleasure and honor of being a guide come the responsibility to be the bigger guy, to be patient, and understand that guiding gets a bad name with the attitude that seems to affect some guides.  That just because you own a Sage and fancy Simms means nothing in the grander scheme of things. I know that is quite a long answer to your inquiry, but I felt the context was important.  Nathan was professional, patient, smart, and as far as the "technical" aspect of fishing was a real pro.  As you can tell I have strong feelings and do not hesitate to express them good or bad to my readers.  That said when I post it will be beyond positive and include much of the above about his ability and his love of the water and teaching others.  As I begin the fly fishing part of my fishing journey part of hiring guides is to learn and I learned a ton.  I would fish with him again in a minute and I hope that your other guides have the same attitude and respect for others.  Over the last 40 years I learned we hard core fishermen or guides, do not own the water and have a greater responsibility to the resource and others and should be held to a higher standard.  Nathan is a credit to the profession and your company. So thanks for the experience and your follow up.  It was how it is supposed to be.“
    Doug & Nancy,
    Victoria, TX
  • “Hi Nate – Garrett was great.  He deserves special kudos for taking two strangers out on the river during freezing weather with rain, sleet, and snow!  We are glad he did. In spite of the weather, Garrett put us onto some nice fish through our 3 days, and he kept his spirits and humor. Like George, I really appreciated the thorough and prompt way you handled the booking and follow-up.  It made planning and execution pretty easy from our end. As for recommendations, I think you should be sure that the weather is always in the 70s with good cloud cover so that we only have to throw dries . . . !  ???? It truly was an experience, and I am glad that I was able to have it, but I will also be glad to come back a little earlier in the season (smile). Cheers, Doug Lawrence“
    Doug & George,
    Washington State Anglers
  • “I was a little hesitant about what our experience would be on a guided trip. Dude, it was first class. We were fortunate to get the best. We will be back.“
    Utah angler
  • “Nate McDonough was an outstanding guide in every way - and of course the fishing was excellent. Doug Casey kept me posted about logistics prior to our trip to Ennis. We were able to switch hotels and he met us at Sportsman early Saturday and had us on River at 9:15. Got lots of fish but unfortunately no whitefish! That has never happened to me on the Madison. He saved the “honey hole” for our last stop.“
    Jack McGuire,
    Return client
  • “Hey Nate, Reaching out to give Matt Hoff a shout out for taking us out all day yesterday. Can’t say enough good things about him. He really knew the river and got us newbies in all the right spots, challenging us, and showing us a great time. He’s a fantastic guide on your team and if we’re ever back this way, would definitely be asking if he could be the one taking us out again. Thanks so much, Geoff“
    Geoffry & Eliot,
    Anglers from New York
  • “We had a perfect day on the Yellowstone River with our guide Travis.  As novice fly fishers, my wife and I weren't sure what to expect of the day.  But the combination of a knowledgeable, patient, and humorous guide, the beauty of the Yellowstone River, and some success from our fly fishing efforts all combined to make the experience a wonderful one. Thanks, Jim and Abby McCarthy“
    Jim and Abby McCarthy,
    MA Anglers
  • “Good morning Nate, We had the best time ever! Your guide Paul Fawthrop was the best ever. He got us to the right fishing holes to make sure our experience in Montana was spectacular. He gave us an amazing guided tour and informed us of all the history of the lake and rivers. We could not have had a better guide! Thanks again for setting us up with an amazing guide. Travis Woodard“
    Travis and Mark,
    Anglers from California
  • “I have fished with Nate 12 fishing days in the last two years, on the Madison, in YNP, and the Missouri. Last trip in June 2017. Nate consistently and patiently puts you on top of trophy trout - the rest is up to you. And, he even helps with that! My grandson, daughter and son have caught scores of trout with Nate. His love for Montana, fly selection, presentation make a trip with him an unforgettable experience. Highly recommended.“
    Richard Flansburg,
    Return client from California
  • “A fellow angler recommended Nate after a great float trip with him and I've spent four days with Nate on the Madison and Missouri. I'll be back on the Madison with Nate and my oldest son in May for a couple of float/wade trips, and again in September with friends. On my first float with Nate he was wearing a knee brace to support his ACL injury. But this didn't stop him for getting out of the drift boat on three occasions to walk us back up the Madison so we could take another run through promising water. This is only one example of his work ethic and focus on customer service. He is committed to each angler having a memorable day. Nate has all the characteristics of a great guide: knowledge of local water and match the hatch, kind and patient, good sense of humor, hard working and fun to be with on the river. He has been guiding for several years and his ability to put you on fish is on display from your first cast of the day. It was easy to end the day with a generous tip to Nate for his professional services and value that he provided.“
    John Bunker,
    New Hampshire Angler
  • Nate,
    I wanted to reach out and thank you for accommodating us on such short notice. You made the booking process seamless, and it was such a great way to round out our trip. I also wanted to share how great Ashton was. He went out of his way to make sure we had everything we needed clothing-wise to stay warm (he stopped and bought gloves for us) and was extra patient in teaching us the ins and outs of fly fishing. Best of all, I caught my first trout! We really had such a great time and hope to one day make it back. Thanks again for everything, and we will be recommending your place to friends.
    Saeeda & Jessica,
    New York, NY Anglers
  • “We had fantastic experience booking a guide through Trout On The Fly. Our guide, Oliver, was personable, patient, and experienced. He showed us new fishing methods and we caught some great fish with him. Oliver worked really hard to ensure that we had success and we would not hesitate to recommend him and Trout on the Fly for anyone heading to the Yellowstone area. The float trip was especially enjoyable - this was a new experience for us and it was a lot of fun. Oliver was great to joke around with and he also made sure to offer us good fishing advice throughout the day in a very tactful manner. Shannon and I both caught big fish while floating the Madison. What a great trip!“
    Tom Villemure,
    New Hampshire Anglers
  • “Tony met us at the rental shop and drove us to the area where we were going to fish. He made sure we had all the equipment we needed and even had provided most of it for us. AJ has experience with fly fishing but I do not. I felt very well guided and AJ learned some new things as well. Tony was patient and had a great laid back style that worked well with us. Tony was confident with his fly fishing knowledge and was very professional teaching me the basic skills. He also made safety a priority, which we appreciated. He had a great personality and both AJ and I had a great time! We would definitely fish with Tony and Trout on The Fly if we are ever in Montana again! And we would recommend you guys to anyone visiting Montana.“
    AJ & Julie,
    MI & WA Anglers
  • “Hi Nate!  We had a great time fishing with Mike Horner...he has a lot of patience.  I had tons of nibbles but couldn’t quite snag a big one.  At the end we caught a couple little rainbow trout so that was just fine with us.  Great experience, great guide.  Thank you so much for fitting us in and ending our trip on a high note! Rose Wabol“
    Rose Wabol,
    Illinois Anglers
  • “Hi Nate, I just wanted to reach out again and thank you for a terrific trip with you and arranging the two excellent trips with Sam Cady. My dad and I each learned a great deal from both of you regarding fishing tactics, flies, and line management to name a few. We were greatly impressed and appreciated your dedicated efforts of getting in and out of the boat on our trip.  We also wanted you to know how great Sam was on the two trips. He was friendly, knowledgeable and very encouraging with constant positive feedback. On all three trips, we each caught fish and had a great time out on the water. One last personal note, I really appreciated your (as well as Sam’s) patience and kindness of assisting my dad in and out of the boat. This was a memorable trip in so many ways! All the best, Bill Doyle“
    Bill Doyle,
    Return Anglers
  • “Greetings Nate, We had a fabulous time on the Madison River.  Weather was great, scenery was great, fishing was great and Garrett was great as well.  I’ve fished probably over 200 guided or chartered trips in many states and several countries, and would have no problem giving your service and Garrett as a guide 4 out of 4 stars.  If we’re ever in that neighborhood again, we will be back in touch. We thank you again, Graham Cole“
    Graham Cole,
    North Carolina Anglers
  • I did the Road House package . Staying at the Blue Moon Saloon . Meet Nate at the NJ Fly Fishing Show. After looking through all my brochures from the show it was hard to pick one guide over another. Many of the guides were in the Montana area where I had planned to travel and fish to. I talked to many guides and one guide stood out and that was Nate with Trout on the Fly . Wonderfully set of people. My guide for the trip was John Kirk . We fished the Madison River May 5th and 6th 2017 . Which at that time it can be a crap shoot with weather either being freezing or beautiful. The weather was a perfect 75 degrees. Day one I caught probably 30 to 40 rainbow trout on the upper end of the Madison. Later in the day nearing the take out spot we hit a spot where it was one fish after another no exaggeration just great . Day 2 we fished more middle part of the river which is totally different scenery. I caught fish but had to work for them a lot harder then day one. We got to about 12 by noon and John said to me do you wanna go back up to where we were yesterday and fish. After a question is asked like that ( something that most guides would not ask rather then pan that section of river out for the rest of the day. Bring it takes time to get to the take out the. Re launch the boat which is maybe a two hour process probably more like 3 hours.) I said hell yea lets do it. We got the boat out and hauled it to where we fished day one. We produced a lot of fish for the remainder of the day. Trout on the Fly want you to have a good time and wants you to catch fish. It is a hard thing to do trying to find the right guide that fits your personality and Trout on the Fly went over and beyond on this trip everything was great . The Blue Moon had excellent dinner every night and great hospitality. Nate organized my trip very professional and everything was a breeze. John Kirk was a hell of a guide thank you for everything will be back out next year to do it over again, Roy from New Jersey
    Roy Sheppard,
    New Jersey Angler
  • “Jeff Johnson was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and patient.  Even though the activity was slow, he kept our lines in the water and kept changing flies to find something the fish would bite.  He had a positive attitude throughout, offering instruction and encouragement all day. I especially appreciate your flexibility in allowing me to add an angler at the last minute. Thanks again.  I hope to be back someday.“
    David Spears,
    Virginia Angler
  • “I was referred to Nate by a friend/client and we recently fished two days on the Missouri River. Nate has 20+ yrs of guiding experience, and I highly recommend him. I have fished with fly fishing guides in California, Oregon, Montana, Colorado, Florida, and Mexico, and I would rank Nate near the top of my list. He knows the Missouri and Madison Rivers like the back of his hand. He’s a true fly fisherman guide, not a “shop guide”that only fishes from 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM. He’s an extremely hard worker, first guide on the water and the last to leave. Regardless if you are a beginner or an experienced fly angler, you should book a few days on the water with Nate, you won’t be sorry.“
    Chris Amble,
    San Diego Guest
  • “Nate used a scheduled day off to guide me and a buddy for an afternoon of fly fishing. He made it a memorable experience by instructing us with technique, leading us to and helping us land some beautiful trout in pristine water. Nate's knowledge of stream etymology is second to none. He is a skilled fly fishing guide, and for me, has set a standard against which all others will be judged.“
    Gary Noseworthy,
    New Market, NH
  • “My Dad and I had 3 fantastic days with Nate on the Madison River. I cannot recommend him highly enough. There are a lot of guides on the Madison River, but I can absolutely guarantee you that you won't find any that work harder or are more knowledgeable than Nate. I've been out with many guides in a lot of different fishing scenarios across the globe and this is hands down the best experience I've ever had. Nate genuinely wants you to have a good time, and that doesn't only mean putting you on fish (which he was very good at). The accommodations (Blue Moon Saloon) we booked through him were fantastic, the lunches were amazing (request the Cindy Bear), and he was 10-15 minutes early every day to pick us up. He shared a ton of knowledge and was extremely patient. If you're thinking about booking Nate, just do it; you will not regret it.“
    Steve & Kevin Markow,
    Father & son anglers from New Jersey
  • “I just wanted to let you know how much Ken (my son) and I enjoyed our guided trip experience with Matt Hoff.  It was our first trip to the Bozeman area.  The whole experience with Matt was rated as one of the best trips that I have ever taken with a fly fishing guide. Matt was always prompt, knowledgeable, and hospitable.  We were always treated respectfully, most professionally, yet we felt like we were brothers.  Though there were instances of line tangles, lost flies, and missed strikes, we were never criticized or treated in an condescending way.  He had a way of making us try our best at all times, but never was there a negative comment made.  There were several instances of some impending dangerous weather and he was always concerned for our personal safety. His concern was for us and making sure that we had the best experience that we could have under the prevailing conditions.   He never mishandled any fish and was always concerned for a safe release. Lunches were great and equipment worked well.  In short, Ken and I had a "blast"!  The time went by way too quickly. We will certainly keep your outfit and Matt guiding in mind for any future trips to Bozeman. Again, thanks for the great experience. Our best regards always, Gary Cooper“
    Gary Cooper,
    Ventura, CA Anglers
  • “A special note of thanks for the team of guides you put together for our floats on the Madison last week. Harry and I were indeed fortunate to fish with you the first day (Tuesday). We both commented that of all the guides that we have ever fished with you and Andrew Harris (the principle and founder of Confluence Outfitters) stand out heads and shoulders above the rest. What I learned from you the first day allowed me to land two nice Browns the day I spent with Chris. Your wife’s surgical skills must have rubbed off on you as I had no pain or swelling after you removed the hook. Thanks again for a great day on the Madison. As always, I could not sleep the night before in anticipation of fishing the next day. That’s has been a pattern my whole life whether it be baseball, football or fishing. I was very tired the afternoon we fished together and felt I was not in good form. In spite of that, you put us on fish throughout the day.“
    Jerry Warren,
    Group trip
  • “I just wanted to drop a note to you expressing my appreciation for such a well run and professional operation that you have. Your eagerness to put your customers on the best spots is absolutely commendable and makes the biggest difference to those who have traveled long distances to make this trip. I enjoy not only fishing with you but your company as well. Please look us up when you get to Houston as I would like to extend our hospitality to you as you have to us. Thank you again for such a wonderful and memorable experience. I am very much looking forward to next year!“
    Ray Simpson Jr.,
    Return guest - Houston Texas
  • “I really enjoyed the trip. Matt Hoff was a great guide with diverse experience. I learned a lot and improved tremendously in my knowledge and skill. I really appreciate his commitment to making our trip a uniquely special experience. Paul U. - TX Angler“
    Paul Urane,
    TX Angler
  • “Our guides were fantastic. Very knowledgeable, eager to teach, and worked hard to give us a memorable experience. Matt was upbeat, shared incredible stories, and made sure we enjoyed our time on an incredible trip. Mark B. - CA Angler  “
    Mark Beliakoff,
    CA Angler
  • “First full day back home after a great Montana fishing trip. I thought you would be interested in getting a picture I took with you and Steve Cook 13 years ago. What an amazing coincidence that we got re-connected. Thanks again for all of your help in getting guides for us and for you working so hard to get us into fish on Friday. You are the hardest working guide I have ever had and so knowledgeable about the rivers you guide.“
    Stan Ohara,
    Reconnected client by chance
  • “Hi Nate! Thanks for following up we me on our recent guided outing with Paul. We had an outstanding time learning from Paul and catching numerous large trout in a remarkable setting. I’d like to commend you (and Paul) for your organization and attention to detail. Your email communications and Paul’s advance call to me covered all the bases and allowed us to show up at the right place, at the right time, prepared with what we needed to head out and get fishing without delay. Lunch was well executed and we thoroughly enjoyed Paul’s experience and company. My 15-yr old son, Declan, has really taken to fishing over the past 3 years, but he had not yet landed a trout on a dry fly. Paul took that to heart and eventually set up my son for targeting rising trout when they started feeding off of the surface. A little coaching and a couple of casts later, he’d hooked, fought and landed his largest trout to-date. It was remarkable! (Photos below.) I expect we will want to treat ourselves to future outings in your magnificent part of the country. When we do, I will be certain to reach out to you to book another guided trip. All the best, Mark (and Declan) Kavanaugh“
    Father & Son Team,
    The Kavanaughs
  • Just a little note to let you know that Rob & I had a great time.
    The lodging at Blue Moon Saloon was so nice.
    The cabin was cozy & comfortable, the food & beer were so tasty and Darcy & her crew were wonderful.
    The float/wade trip was so much fun.  Never having been on one we didn’t know what to expect, it was better than we could have ever imagined.
    John Kirk was a great guide!!! Very knowledgeable and professional. I was so nervous..he put me at ease right away.  So helpful and patience…I really learned a lot too!
    It was a beautiful day on the river... catching fish… laughing… just enjoying everything!!!
    We would do it again in a heart beat!!
    Thanks again to you & John Kirk
    and also Darcy and the Blue Moon Saloon gang.
    Take care,
    Terry & Rob Hough
    Terry & Rob Hough,
    First time Madison River anglers
  • “Thank you for another wonderful year of fishing the Madison and Missouri Rivers. We have had experience to know how exceptional you are as a guide. No one is as good as you!“
    Janis and Joe,
    Return customers from Florida
  • “We had a great morning to start our week off. Nathan was a superb guide who's skills are only surpassed by his patience. I would strongly recommend to any experience level fisherman who loves a good time on the water with a beautiful surroundings. The Madison River was a treasure. Thanks much and hope to see you guys again, Randy Cole“
    Randy Cole,
    North Carolina Anglers
  • “Our half-day float was a great trip.  Guide Mike Horner was awesome!  Both Collin (Traci's son) and I really gained a lot of knowledge from Mike and had a wonderful time enjoying the fishing and scenery. Mike was a true professional.  We were both really new to fly fishing and needed a lot of extra hand-holding, from time to time.  Mike was there the entire time; helping us get our gear in order, putting together all of the lines, steering the boat, showing us what to do and when, giving us food/water, etc... We really had him working that day!  He was also a really nice and patient guy who knew a ton about fly fishing and the surrounding area.  I enjoyed his information about the area as much as I did the fishing.  We were lucky to have him that day. We really had a blast.  I think everything was executed perfectly and I don't think I would have changed anything else.... well, maybe I would have caught a few more fish... but that isn't on you!  :) Thanks! Chris Lundeberg“
    Chris & Collin,
    Midwest Anglers
  • “I wanted to sincerely thank you for a great three days of fly fishing. Both Robert and I learned a great deal about the art of fly fishing. I especially appreciated your patience with me as it took me a little longer to catch on. Needless to say, we hope to be back to Montana one day and we will definitely get in touch with you. Thanks again. Sincerely, James“
    James Hallett,
    First time angler from South Carolina
  • “Oliver was awesome, and that’s coming from Paul and me who have fished with many guides over the years. He was competent, knowledgeable, patient, and has the perfect temperament to be a good coach in the field. He introduced us to the world of streamers, got us into the best water and we can’t say enough good things about him. I will definitely call you again when we’re back.“
    Pete & Paul,
    California anglers, soon to be Montana anglers!
  • “Nate, Your C game is better than most guides A game!“
    Return customer from Pennsylvania
  • “We had a great time from start to finish. Communication was great before and during the trip. Aaron Broughton was phenomenal. He hustled from start to finish and was always changing presentations and flies in order to try to find "the one." We floated a stretch of river that hardly any other guides were on, and he was very knowledgeable and enjoyable to spend the day with. He was great at coaching my girlfriend Madison (she caught the fish of the day!) and was patient with us even when we would miss strikes or cast in the wrong spot. Thanks for an awesome day! Evan & Madison“
    Evan & Madison,
  • Thank you Trout On The Fly for making our fishing trip one of the most memorable trips ever! 

    Our guide Nathan Anderson was knowledgeable about the area, rivers, and fish. My 81-year-old father couldn't wade the river, Nathan had no issue jumping into the river, to position and hold the boat, so my father can fish hard to reach areas.  He also looked out for my father's safety the whole trip, being patient with an older client. 

    I was impressed with how hard Nathan worked for us while offering continued encouragement and instruction. The river was a bit murky in the spot we planned to launch, Nathan wasn't satisfied and drove further up the Madison to launch in clear water, this type of service only comes through pride in one's job. 

    We will definitely book again with Trout On The Fly for our next fishing excursion. 

    Sincerely, Mike Orloff.“
    Mike Orloff,
    CA Anglers
  • “My neighbor invited me to join him for his bi-annual fly fishing trip with his long-time outfitter/guide Nate Stevane [Trout on the Fly]. Although I have fished all my life, this was my first experience fly fishing and by the end of the first day, I was hooked (pun intended). By the end of the third day, I was planning my next trip to fish with Nate. Walk/Wade: Nate has guided for my neighbor for over twenty years in Montana and it was clear to me why. He is an expert guide and has an incredible depth of knowledge of the land, wildlife, fauna,Yellowstone National Park, and the numerous Montana and Yellowstone rivers. We completed two days of walk/wade and spent the final day floating the Madison. He knows the rivers and insect hatches like the back of his hand and kept us on the fish the entire time. Float: This was the best day! I have never seen someone work so hard rowing, retying presentations, providing instruction, all while keeping us on the fish. Got on the water and I caught the first fish within 150 meters of the launch! First time fly fisherman: Nate provided the basic instruction I needed to get going and he was frequently retying my presentation to find the right combination. He provided helpful instruction throughout our three days to correct my cast, place my line in the right place, and taught several casting techniques that were helpful in confined places, high wind, off hand, and in the boat in close proximity to another fisherman. Had several tangles and Nate never grew impatient with me. Logistics: Nate had the entire trip wired. His directions were clear and set expectations for our daily agenda. Nate will always be early to meet you at your lodging location and he is always prepared. He has more than ample gear to make up for anything that you may have forgotten, to include extra layers in case the weather is colder than you anticipated. The lunches he arranged were delicious and nutritious for long days and he carried plenty of water to keep you hydrated. If you require rental equipment, Nate is prepared with top quality fly rods, waders, and boots. Communication: Nate responded quickly to all inquiries and has entertained my questions about purchasing gear for the past two months. Nate from Trout on the Fly was the first outfitter/guide I have worked with and, while I have no other experience by which to measure, I am a good judge of character. I was so impressed with him as a guide, professional, and human being that I will continue to fish with Nate and Trout on the Fly for years to come. I cannot recommend him enough to all experienced and first time fly fisherman. Hire Nate and Trout on the Fly, get on the fish, and enjoy a life changing experience.“
    Mr. Hanson,
    Virginia Angler
  • “I stayed 4 nights at the Madison River Lodge, to fish 3 days on the upper Madison River, in early October 2021. I had a great time. Caught personal record trout, was served great food, and slept in a spacious room. The lodge is like a big comfy home where every night was relaxing, casual, and filled with quality dining and conversations with other guests. As a beginner using a fly rod, I ended up learning effective skills from my two guides. By the end, I was feeling pretty accomplished with casting and recognizing strikes. All in all a fine experience filled will satisfying memories. Also Kelly showed impressive driving skills in the snow as she took me back to the Bozeman airport. Eric in Seattle“
    Seattle Angler
  • “Nate, our trip more than met my expectations.  This is the first time I have ever done a guided fishing/hunting trip and I was not sure what to expect.  I had confidence just from talking with you, but there is always that twinge of doubt.  I am very impressed with how you run your service and extremely impressed with our guide Aaron Broughton.  I had to relearn how to fly fish - definitely a little different in MT and Aaron was very patent with my wife who had never fished before.  Despite the incredibly high winds Aaron had us on fish the whole day.  Even if we had not caught anything I would have considered this a very successful trip - I cannot overstate the excellent job Aaron did.“
    Dennis & Carol,
    Michigan Anglers
  • “Nate, I had a great time!  Everything I wanted to have happen did.  I have never done any fly fishing before.  Nathan Anderson was a great guide and very patient with me.  I’m sure the last thing a professional guide wants to put up with is starting from scratch (This is how you hold the rod, this is how you cast, etc.) but he went thru it all and gave me two great days of fishing on the Madison River.  I caught Rainbows and Browns that were in the 16-20” range for all but two of the fish I caught.  I had a great time and would like to try it again sometime.  Thanks for everything.  Tim“
    Tim Read,
    Texas Angler
  • “Dillon and I had a great time fishing with you and we both think our game was improved thanks to your patience. Absolutely beautiful country and great waters to indulge in. We could spend weeks… We’ll help spread the word about TOTF, but hope you don’t get too popular so we can do it again.“
    David and Dillon Cook,
    Dallas Texas anglers