Trout On The Fly

Yellowstone National Park - Soda Butte Creek

Soda Butte Creek is a main tributary to the Lamar River near the Northeast entrance of Yellowstone National Park, by Cooke City and Silver Gate, Montana. Like Slough Creek the fishing season on Soda Butte is short lived. Water conditions permitting, we can start fishing Soda Butte as early as the 1st week in July, but recommend late July through September. Soda Butte is a very scenic creek with native cutthroat trout eager to eat a dry fly on most any given day. The fish are more challenging to catch later in the summer as they have seen several flies and or have been hooked several times by then. Even with all that pressure, an angler can be successful with a little stealth and an accurate cast! Soda Butte is rich with aquatic insect life that offers some great hatches that the cutthroat are usually willing to rise to. Along with the aquatic life, Soda Butte affords great terrestrial fishing with hoppers, beetles and ants. The average fish size on the lower end of Soda Butte (below Icebox Canyon) to the Lamar River is 12”-16” with an occasional 18”-20”. The average size of fish on the upper section of Soda Butte is more like 8”-12”. Guided fly fishing trips on Soda Butte Creek are a two-day minimum with Trout On The Fly. You are responsible for your own lodging, but we can make recommendations.