Trout On The Fly

Yellowstone National Park - Slough Creek

Slough Creek is one of the first trout waters people think of when they think of fly fishing Yellowstone National Park. Starting high in Montana's Absaroka-Beartooth Wildnerness Area, Slough Creek flows south into Yellowstone National Park where it is a tributary of the Lamar River, only a few miles upriver from where the Lamar feeds into the Yellowstone River. It's home to native Yellowstone Cutthroat trout, wild rainbow trout and hybrid cutbows (rainbows and cutthroat mix), all averaging 14”-16” in size. Most of the fishing on Slough Creek is with a dry fly, but nymphing and streamer fishing may be best if the fish are not looking up. Most of our fishing is done in the first two to four miles from the trailhead, but if you're up for a four-mile hike uphill, the second meadow will typically get you away from the crowds in the busy month of august. . Heavy snow pack and uncertain water conditions make the fishing season on Slough creek short lived. We can start fishing the creek as early as the first week in July, on through the fall months of September into October (water conditions permitting). Best times to fish Slough Creek are late July through August, and into September. Guided fly fishing trips on Slough Creek are a two-day minimum with Trout On The Fly. You are responsible for your own lodging, but we are happy to make recommendations.