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Fishing License

If you forgot to purchase your fishing license online, don't worry. You can get a fishing license with us before your trip. (Buy a license online at Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks).


9 foot, 5 or 6 weight rods with a floating line on your reel is recommended. If you do not have a rod/reel Trout On The Fly's guides will provide them.

Waders/Wading Boots

Lightweight breathable chest high waders with a wading belt, felt sole wading boots with or without studs (*if you have studded boots let us know so we can have proper mats for the drift boats*). To protect and preserve Montana's waters, Trout On The Fly recommends following these three easy steps before bringing any waders or boots. Clean. Drain. Dry.

Wading Staff

A wading staff can help during walk-n-wade trips. If it is too awkward to bring don't worry- we can help!

Polarized Sun Glasses

With hooks flying around eye protection is important. Polarization helps cut the sun's glare and betters your ability to see what the guide is pointing out underneath the water.

Brimmed Hat

This helps cut the glare of the sun along with the polarized sun glasses.

Sun Screen

Higher elevations and the sun's reflection off the water lead to twice the sun exposure. Trout On The Fly recommends a 30 spf or greater, applied before your day begins and at lunch time.


If you have medicines or medical devices, such as an EpiPen or asthma inhaler, please be sure to remember them on your trip.


Have you ever heard the saying, “If you don't like the weather in Montana, just wait 5 minutes?” In the unpredictable weather, mornings can be cold and afternoon thunderstorms can drop the temperature 20 degrees. A long sleeve, quick-dry shirt, a fleece, a jacket, a rain-proof shell/dry coat with hood, and quick dry pants are recommended in summer months. In the spring/fall months, extra layers such as long underwear, stocking hat, fingerless gloves, and maybe a light down vest can't hurt. Don't forget socks! Using rental waders that someone else has worn without socks is not okay for you or the next person. For the spring/fall months I recommend a heavier sock such as SmartWool®; cotton socks are ok in the summer months. Once again, if you do not have the items mentioned, just let us know so we can help outfit you.


A digital camera with extra batteries or a waterproof disposable camera will help preserve your experience with Trout On The Fly and improve your bragging rights! Forgot you camera? Don't worry! Most guides carry cameras with them and are happy to email the pictures to you!


Trout On The Fly's guides will supply flies on your trip. If you have your own flies that you would like to try on our waters, bring them along. Remember the guides are out every day and will know what flies are best. Don't take it the wrong way if he or she does not use your flies. Please remember that the flies are the property of the guides. The guides would appreciate your consideration of the lost flies and the cost to replace them when deciding upon gratuity.